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Over the years, we have developed four core beliefs that drive everything we do:

1. The instructor brake is a teaching tool

The obvious reason for having an instructor brake in our training vehicles is safety. Yes, we use the brake to prevent collisions. That is a given. But there is a more important reason. Our instructors are trained to use the brake to demonstrate to the student when and how to apply the brake to properly control the vehicle. The distinction is subtle but important. Learning the proper way to apply the brake for turns, stopping distance and speed control are vital.

The big, shameful secret in the drivers ed industry is that most instructors lack the proper training to teach effectively using the instructor brake. Therefore, the instructors require students to have prior driving experience before completing the 6 hours of driving.

2. We teach you, so no driving experience necessary

We don’t think you need to know how to drive before you start driving school. In fact, we prefer that you don’t have any experience. Every other school we have come across in the industry expects you to have practiced driving before you go on the road with them. It’s usually a minimum of 20 hours. That’s terrible. You are paying us to teach you. Let us. It’s our job to get you started behind the wheel.

3. Driving School should be fun

It is our belief that people learn more when they are having fun learning. Our classes include plenty of games, group work and interactive lessons. We keep the students engaged and we keep the content relevant by making real world connections.

That doesn’t mean that the classes are a big party. There is a time to focus on the lesson and a time for fun. Our students quickly adapt to a routine. When everyone understands that there will be plenty of time to relax and have fun, it is easier to buckle down and focus when necessary.

4. We are a Premier Team

We have been developing our curriculum and lesson plans since the day we opened in 1997. It is a collaborative effort from everyone in the company to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. And we share those techniques across the entire company. Every instructor is trained to deliver lessons consistently across all of our locations. So no matter whom the instructor or which location, you will receive the best that we have to offer.

How is that different? Other driving schools treat their instructors more like independent contractors. They basically work for themselves in isolation. They have to create their own lesson plans and teaching techniques. If the student has three different instructors he/she will learn three different techniques. This is very confusing for the students