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Angle Parking

Signal Position the car 4 to 6 feet away from the parking space Stop when the white line is visible at the edge of the passenger side mirror Turn the […]

How to: Perpendicular Parking

 Signal Postion the car as far away as possible from the space being entered   Stop when the passenger mirror is in line with the white line Turn the wheel […]

Reverse Two Point Turnabout

Signal Position the car 2 to 3 feet away from the curb   Stop when the pole is visible in the rear passenger door window (about 7 inches from the […]

Steps to a License

Step 1 – Get your Learners Permit The best way to start down the road to a drivers license is to get your learners permit first. In Maryland you have […]

How To: Parallel Parking

Step 1 Signal right Position the car 2 feet away from the space   Step 2 Stop when the front outside cone is visible in the corner of the rear […]