Inclement Weather Announcement

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The 2:30PM Driver Education course at our Bel Air location is cancelled today.

All other Driver Education classes and Behind the Wheel lessons at all other locations will be held as scheduled today..

All for $425

  • • 30 classroom hours and 6 behind the wheel hours: a $55 package savings
  • • Personalized driving lesson progress reports
  • • Premier certified instructor, trained to use a bar brake
  • • FREE two day parking pole rental
  • • Learners permit practice test
  • • MVA driving test study guide

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License Age Calculator

Use the form below to find out when you will be able to get your learners permit, your provisional license, and your full drivers license.

Learners Permit (15 years, 9 months)

Provisional License (16 years, 6 months)

Full License (18 years)

Driver Education

Sessions are held in the afternoon, evenings and weekends and are scheduled continuously throughout the year. We also offer morning classes during the summer. Courses can usually be completed in as little as four weeks, including the in car training. All students receive 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of in car training.

You will learn the foundations for a lifetime of safe driving. The course is broken down to two main area: classroom and in car training.

Classroom Overview

The 30 hours in the classroom are broken into 10 three hour classes. The first few classes in the session start with an overview the program and the Maryland licensing laws. Then we move on to the role of the driver, the signs and signals that control traffic and the basic tasks that are required to operate a car. We place a big emphasis on the consequences of distracted driving and how to stay safe on the road.

After all that we make it out on the road. We talk about what to expect in basic situations as well as expressway driving and how to handle bad weather and vehicle malfunctions.

Finally, we devote two entire classes to the effects of alcohol and other impairments on driving.

Students will learn the foundations for a lifetime of safe driving, including:


Behind the Wheel Lessons Overview

You will receive a total of six hours of one-on-one training with our instructors. The six hours are broken into three two hour lessons:

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