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MVA Testing Service

Let Mr. Dave or Ms. Geri, both seasoned veterans at the MVA, take you for your Provisional License Test. You will be picked up about 90 minutes before your appointment so you can practice the Pre-Trip Inspection, the Reverse Two Point Turnabout and the On Road Route. Once you are ready, you will go to the MVA where Mr. Dave or Ms. Geri will guide you through the administrative process and get you to the start of the course. When you have successfully completed the test, it is back inside to process your license!

The Provisional License Test preparation is conducted one on one in our driver education training vehicle. The fee for Harford and Baltimore County areas using the Bel Air MVA is $160*. The fee for this service in the Ocean City area using the Salisbury MVA is $200* (travel time is much further to the Salisbury MVA).

Course Videos

Getting Ready

You are eligible to test for your provisional license if you have held you learners permit for nine months, completed driver education and completed the required 60 hours of practice driving.

You will need to make an appointment for the test using the MVA’s website. Appointments can be scheduled 180 days in advance of your desired testing date. There is usually a long wait for appointments so schedule early! The MVA requires at least 48 hours between your completion of the driver education course and your appointment so they can process your paperwork.

Day of Test

Testing day will be full of excitement. Things will go a lot smoother if you know what to expect. Here is what to do:

Arrive at the MVA 15 to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled testing time. Go inside and check in at the main counter. You will need to present four things to the MVA upon check-in:

  • Your Learners Permit
  • The MD Rookie Driver Skills log book (the last page must be signed by the same person that signed for your learners permit)
  • The vehicle registration for the car you will be using for the test
  • Proof of auto insurance for the car you will be using for the test

These documents are required. No exceptions. Ever.

After check-in, you will be directed to pull your car around to the testing area. Your supervising driver must stay with you during this time. Depending on how busy it is that day you could be waiting in line for a few minutes to a few hours. Just relax. The test is next!

The Test

The test begins with the MVA examiner inspecting your car to make sure that it is safe and roadworthy. Make sure you can operate and identify everything on this list. This is especially important if you are testing in a car in which you are not familiar. Pay particular attention to any dashboard warning lights. The examiner will not let you continue the test if there are any lights on at all.

Next up is the actual driving test. The important thing to remember is to try and relax. Focus on the basics: using signals, doing head checks, maintaining the proper speed, etc. Especially important is to always stop fully and completely behind any stop signs.

When you make it to the public roads, stay calm. During the test, the examiner will be giving you directions on where to go. Ask questions if you do not understand the instructions. They also might ask you about different road signs along the route. It’s a good idea to practice the route that you will be taking. Get familiar with the speed limits and other traffic signs. Watch our videos of the routes. The more you practice the more comfortable you will be.

There is no hurry and no time limit. We recommend never making a right on red. Too many bad things can happen. Save that for the way home after you pass.

If you do something that causes you to fail the test, the MVA examiner will instruct you to stop in a safe place. The examiner will switch places with you and drive your car back to the MVA. So, if you make it back to the MVA, you have passed.

At this point you will probably be pretty excited. Remember, the test doesn’t end until after you have safely parked your car in the MVA parking lot and exited the vehicle. Don’t roll through any stop signs on the MVA parking lot or accidentally jump the curb when parking. Stay focused until you are out of the car. Then you can celebrate!

After the Test

The only thing left now is to go inside for your picture! The examiner should give you instructions on where to go.

If you happen to fail, don’t worry, many people fail their first time. You can schedule a re-test for the next available appointment at least 24 hours later. If you fail twice, you must wait at least a week between appointments.