Driving Coach Strategies

“Mom, now that I have my learner’s permit can I drive to work?”

Parents, does the thought of letting your teen get behind the wheel with you on the passenger side absolutely terrify you? We understand! It is very hard to give up control, remain calm and not yell.

There are solutions to help you in your new role as a ‘Driving Coach’. First of all, we strongly recommend that you let your teen complete the 6 hours of behind the wheel driving with Premier before you take them for a practice drive. We do not and I repeat do not require that any of our students have any driving experience at home first. We are teachers and experts. You and your teen will be amazed at how easy we make learning to drive.

Eventually, you will have to let them drive. We have some Driving Coach Strategies for you to use during practice sessions. Please click on the link for the strategies.

If you have any questions or need more advice, call us at 410-877-7100.

Good luck and safe travels 🙂

Driving Coach Strategies

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