Bel Air, Maryland Driving Test

Bel Air MVA Driving Test Route

The driving test in Maryland consists of a Pre-Trip Inspection, basic control on a Closed Course and general driving skills on Public Roads. 

Each MVA has a pre-set route for the Public Road portion of the driving test.

Watch this video to learn the pre-set route at the Bel Air, Maryland MVA.*

*The pre-set route is subject to change.

MVA's Guide for "How to prepare for your Skills Test"

Click on this link to review “How to Prepare for Your Skills/”Behind the Wheel” Test.

Premier's Strategies While Driving the Route

Staggered Stops

  • There will be several times that drivers will need to stop completely before the Stop Line and then pull forward to see better. A second stop is not required by law but might be necessary due to traffic. 

On Atwood Road  

  • There may be situations where the right lane is blocked. Slow down. When there is no oncoming traffic, drivers may proceed over the yellow line to go around. 


  • At the first merge onto Route 24, drivers have their own lane. Drivers should keep moving unless pedestrians are crossing or something is blocking the lane.
  • At the second merge onto Route 1, drivers do not have their own lane and may need to stop to yield to traffic. 

Right onto S Atwood Road

  • This could be a “Right on Red” opportunity. It is NOT recommended to complete the “Right on Red.” It is strongly suggested to wait for the green light. 

Left onto S Atwood Road

  • On the approach, stay closer to the yellow line for a better view. It is not necessary to stop at the crosswalk unless a pedestrian is crossing. Do not turn too soon and cross the yellow line. 

Right on W. Macphail

  • Stop completely before the stop line. Check left even though it is only woods. 

Left into MVA

  • Proceed into the left turn lane to wait for a gap to turn left. 
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