Safe Confident Drivers

Inhale Confidence...Exhale Doubt

Developing safe and confident drivers is "The Premier Way" of teaching.

What is our secret?

  • We build rapport with every student
  • We earn the student’s trust
  • We make the driving lesson fun
  • We do not dwell on fear, anxieties or negative emotions
  • We create opportunities to succeed
  • We do not get upset about mistakes
  • We never compare students
  • We encourage them to try new skills and maneuvers
  • We celebrate their progress
  • We provide positive praise
  • We keep them safe
  • We prevent mishaps
  • We never give up on them 


"I don't think I could say enough about how incredible this school is! I struggled a lot with driving anxiety but after taking my drive times with Ms. Patty, Ms. Amanda and Mr. Tim I felt like I've been driving for years! They made sure I was comfortable in the car and we talked about everything and anything, which made me feel even more comfortable! They're the sweetest and most patient people I have ever met. They give really good tips and pointers, and it made me feel much more confident. It's great to see that these people truly love what they do."

It is such a joy to see our students so proud and confident ❤️

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