Who are PREMIER Instructors?

Passionate Professionals:

Premier instructors come to every lesson prepared and with a positive attitude. They manage time flawlessly all while establishing the expectation that all students can and will learn. All students are welcomed and rest assured that the students’ safety and well being are priority #1.

Real People:

Premier instructors are moms and dads who will treat your son or daughter as their own. They are warm, caring, enthusiastic and great listeners. They consistently strive for excellence in teaching.


Premier instructors are the most experienced in the industry. They love to learn and are consistently willing to become experts in the use of instructional methods for teaching driving. They have mastered using reference points for effective teaching as well as safe defensive driving strategies.


Well, it may seem like magic to the students but it is actually a well thought out plan on behalf of our instructors.

Students are amazed with their driving abilities after just a two hour lesson.

Intrinsic Rewards:

There is no greater satisfaction in teaching a driving lesson than to see the transformation in a student’s body language from the beginning of the lesson to the end of the lesson. Students are often reluctant to sit behind the wheel, their palms are sweaty and their shoulders are tense. They have a death grip on the wheel and often cannot utter a spoken word. Then the transformation begins; their hands loosen on the wheel, their shoulders relax, they begin to look around, a smile emerges and at last they speak. Success!


Premier instructors hold students’ attention through skillful lesson design, personality and humor. They know how to break the ice and build relationships so true learning can begin.

Relaxed and Ready:

Premier instructors; nervous- no way! They are confident in their ability to teach and are ready for all students regardless of driving experience.

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