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Driver Education Online

Driver Education Online

Interactive, Educational and Highly Recommended

Driver Education from the Comfort of your Home

MVA has approved us to teach the Classroom Portion of the Driver Education Program Online. We are using Zoom video conferencing to host a live, interactive class.

Students need to be at least 15 years old. They do not need a learner’s permit. Anyone in Maryland can take this class. 

Registration can be completed online. On the homepage of our website click “Register Now” then select “Classroom Only” then select “Online”

The classroom portion is still 30 hours of instruction which meets at specific dates and times. The fee for the Classroom Only portion is $160 which is paid up front at the time of registration.

We are permitted to teach driving lessons with modifications.

1. Each student and instructor must wear a mask during the lesson.

2. The lessons must begin and end at the driving school. You must bring your student to meet us.

3. There will be a health pre-screen before each lesson. 

 The fee for the 6 hours of driving lessons is $270 and does not have to be paid until you are ready to actually schedule the lessons. There is no rush. The goal is to finish within one year.

 ❤️Thank you for supporting our local small business!